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I'm surprised she didn't just Master Key to the back entrance. As long as their identity behind the avatar is not revealed, I assume them to be two different persons. Log In. Though it is coming with some controversy since she seems to be a repackage edition of Nijisanji's Moruru who retired in June of 2019. Yorumi Rena (夜見れな) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber and a member of Nijisanji. She did the sip thing but she also does this....suck thing? Just so you know, this is the place to discuss and talk about about them!Press J to jump to the feed.

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You don't know who's behind the avatar anyways, so why you take such assumption?Moruru's "soul" is quite infamous for constantly retiring as a streamer, abandoning her current fanbase, and then returning with a different name, she had like 5 Nico Nico channels where she used to be a regular streamer, she stopped activities in all of them, each time returning with a different name, then used to do regular streams in Youtube, again with a different name. Himemori Luna is Moruru-chan (?) While Rushia's salt and rage is infamous out of the Hololivers, I like observing how her peers react to moments of frustration in video games.Take Himemori Luna (formerly Yamiyono Moruru of Nijisanji). share. Luna's idiosyncratic method of calming down her frustrations is to take a long and audible sip of... something on hand. I don't think she's actually drinking anything when shes making that noise, maybe just making pouting face.Just the idea of the cute little princess drinking a monster energy can is hilarious lmao.Lol she rage quit in her Dark Souls stream today.

You've heard of those new and awesome content creators called "Virtual Youtubers"?

Take Himemori Luna (formerly Yamiyono Moruru of Nijisanji). I say that because when she retired as Moruru and went back to her regular YT channel, she rebranded (again, if you're correct) and put everything there behind a paywall.Maybe she is actually a kid? English. Moruru Kaoru is on Facebook. All that matters is who she wants to be now.just a little correction, it should be "all that matters is she's having fun and getting enough of whatever she wants by being a vtuber"because their identity when under a company is not their to decide, and her previous "graduation" might not be by their choice eitherI agree with you on everything else though, I'm not one who care who they're previouslyEven if she really got revived as Luna, I don't care much. imo she handled the situation wrong clearly Moruru had her reasons for abruptly leaving and I under stand her being emotional about it but as you can she it had negative effects since people saw her as a victim in this and are not really considering Morurus reasons. She goes silent, smashes her controller (perhaps uncharacteristically for her, but it must have been a cheesy death that set back her progress significantly), and takes a long, hard More examples of the angry sip phenomenon can be found here, particularly in the third link, during which Luna is fuming after multiple deaths in Blighttown:One can even hear Luna setting down her ambiguous drinking implement at roughly this point:I love how salty she looks after respawning at the bonfire in the 2nd and 3rd clip.

She is an idol magician who descended to the virtual world. Mogumo Gumi, along with Suzuki Masaru. She is among the better gamers of Hololive, commanding a strong all-around instinct for video games, and yet she sometimes has trouble all the same. C Gumi, along with Azuchi Momo and (formerly) Hassaku Yuzu. Character profile for Esutan Moruru. News. (I know it was not Himawaris intention for anything bad to happen it's more the fan base being stupid).The dislikes may be from Vtuber hater group, that targeted Hololive 4th Gen recently (you can look at Towa's streams).New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castHey!

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